Quality Products – The Wheel Doctor range carries the most comprehensive line of wheel accessories. To guarantee high product quality and dependability, we source and procure only from ISO and QS approved vendors. Our products are manufactured in state-of-the art facilities and laboratories to meet and exceed aftermarket standards.

With over thousands of applications and growing, our commitment to product excellence drives us to look for advanced methods and technologies to ensure that our customers stay ahead of the curve. We are keen on the input from our customers as well as new developments in the aftermarket industry to make sure that we are carrying products that are innovative and in-demand.

Supplying your customer with the correct wheel nuts involves more than ensuring you have the correct thread pitch to suit their application.

Most factory steel wheels and many factory or aftermarket alloy wheels use a one piece taper-seat nut, similar to our 86-14**(non locking) and 86-40*** (locking) styles.

Older alloy wheels use a nut profile where the shaft goes through a corresponding hole in the wheel and a loose washer supports the nut against the face of the wheel. These are similar to our 86-17** (non locking) and 86 42*** (locking) styles.

Care should also be taken to ensure the nut has sufficient length to fully engage against the face of the wheel, before it “bottoms out” on the stud. This is a safety issue and should be checked with care.

Customers should be aware not to over-tighten nuts, particularly lock nuts, and only tighten to torque specification on the product packaging. Over-tightening can damage vehicle studs and make nut removal difficult, and possibly damage nuts. Damage caused by over-tightening is not covered by product warranty.

Special application nuts are available, including long stud lock nuts (our 86-48*** openended lock nuts), small outside diameter nuts with internal Allen Key (86-28** style) or torx security fitment (86-45*** style), for alloy wheels with small diameter nut recess holes.


Wheel Locks

  • Our variety of wheel locks come with the anti-theft feature which require uniquely patterned keys for fastening and removal.
  • Each wheel lock is manufactured from maximum durability and protection from environmental hazards, corrosion and theft.
  • Triple plating – two layers of nickel and one layer of chrome provides our locks with radiant appearance and fastener protection from harsh envionmental conditions.
  • Specially formulated corrosion protection is applied to our chrome plated fasteners to meet or exceed the industry’s standard salt spray testing.
  • Each lock set comes with a key card for easy key identification and replacement.

Wheel Doctor Application Guide
Find out what size lug and lock nuts fit on any car with the newest user friendly application guide which features up-todate information for cars of all makes and models. In this user-friendly guide, all you have to do is locate your vehicle
by make and model, then find the year and corresponding thread size.

Made with laminated pages and a durable plastic spiral spline, this compact and sturdy design makes ours the ultimate guide to have at your finger tips for quick reference.

Wheel Locks

Lug Nuts


Tyre Pressure Indicator Chrome Cap
Chrome Cap with easy to read tyre pressure indicator.
Replaces standard caps.
Check tyre pressure at a glance.
Colour changes when under pressure.

86 TP32M 32 PSI  Set of 4

Wheel Centre Inserts
Ideal for problem fits. Creates a “steel” recessed style seat to many applications where fitment is difficult or damaged
86 W1620

Lock Nut Key
Replacement Key
Dual Hex Socket Key
3/4” & 13/16”
96 LNK

Bulk number 86 772.2000

Thread Gauge Checker
Check thread size
8 sizes

Bolt on Values
High Pressure 100 PSI
0.453 x 1.73″

Valve Caps
Black Cap
86 508BK

Wheel Spacers
86 602
5 Lug, 114.3 – 127mm B.C
thickeness 8mm

86 603
5 & 6 Lug – 139.7mm BC
thckeness 6.35mm