Gas springs are most commonly used in the family car to hold open the bonnet or boot and to provide control over the opening movement of these heavy and potentially dangerous apparatus.

• Controlled Movement – the rate of motion of the spring is controlled by using special engineering techniques to slow or “damp” the shaft/rod movement, to a predetermined rate.
• Measured force in Newtons to pre-determined tolerances.
• Variable distances of movement of spring.
• Long working life of gas springs.
• Space efficient – gas springs require minimal space for housing within a mechanical environment.

Vehicles get old, and their lift supports lose the original charge, and therefore in many cases are not able to support
the weight of the bonnet, boot lids, back windows, back doors, hatches, tonneau covers, lids, tool box covers and
beds that they are supposed to carry.

It is recommended that Lift Supports are replaced in pairs, since it is not possible to tell which Lift Support is damaged. If the wrong Lift Support is replaced, the new Lift Support will not work properly, and will deteriorate prematurely.

* BB series lift supports are manufactured with latest manufacturing methods.
* Heavy gauge body is painted with special epoxy paint, and heat baked for long life.
* Nitride rods are hardened, polished, and then painted for long life and applications.