The CommandGO – The latest in throttle control technology

CommandGO helps reduce throttle lag and increase vehicles response – more power, faster!

The CommandGO assists each driver in adequately adjusting to a variety of driving conditions and driving habits with 5 driving modes and 9 sensitivity settings per mode. Its Plug & Play module is installed between the OEM throttle connector and accelerator pedal; while the control unit mounts to the driver’s dash. This allows each user to adjust the sensitivity while operating the vehicle effortlessly.

The reduction in throttle lag and increase in vehicle response also makes the CommandGO exceptional when towing. Additional safety and security features include Over-Taking mode and an Anti-Theft Function. Equipped with Manual and Automatic mode, CommandGO is suitable for any transmission. Developed and tested on Australia’s most popular vehicles including 4WD, CommandGO will transform the way you drive and tow both on and off-road.

Transform the acceleration performance of your vehicle

Product Features:

Controls the sensitivity of throttle
Adapts to driving habits and road conditions
Suitable for automatic & manual transmission
Pre-programmed with the corresponding vehicle model
Provide a smooth perfect curve to ensure acceleration of the throttle
Easy plug & play installation between accelerator pedal and ECU
Advanced adaptive intelligent throttle controll technology
Unique Smart Learn function
Backlit LCD display

Power Modes + Functions:

Boost Mode
Improved throttle response time
Smooth acceleration

Eco Mode
Best for fuel economy
Slow acceleration

Sport Mode
Quick throttle response time
Increased acceleration when exiting corners
Best all-around effect

Intelligent [Intelli] Mode
Automatically detects driving habits
Continuously updates driving habits
Selects appropriate acceleration effect

Elite Mode
Superb acceleration performance

Bypass Mode
Car accelerates as normal


Anti- Theft Function (ATF)
ATF will lock the throttle inhibiting the car from accelerating

One-Touch Overtaking Function:
M button will jump directly to Elite Mode (while driving) to facilitate overtaking

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