The Command Auto Group has distributed Cruise Controls to Australian consumers and Professional Installers for over 40 years. Should you require sales or technical information, we offer full technical support from our head office in Castle Hill, NSW.

Command Cruise ControlsTM are manufactured to the highest quality standards by Lite-On Automotive Corporation, part of the Lite-On Group, recognised world leaders in the manufacture of automotive and consumer electronics. Lite-On manufacturing achieve various ISO and TS standards recognition. All Cruise Control models have been independently tested in Europe by TUV, and meet the latest European technology for automotive accessories.

The Command Auto Group is the leader in innovation of Drive By Wire Cruise Controls, with features including Speed Alert and Speed Limiting. A national network ensures direct contact with qualified and dealer installation technicians, extended warranty to match new car warranty if fitment is at the time of vehicle purchase by an approved Command Cruise ControlTM professional fitter, and completed warranty registration received.

Command Cruise ControlsTM are regularly updated to utilise the latest technology improvements, and incorporate a variety of electronic “fail-safe” functions to ensure safe, reliable operation.

As a Command Cruise ControlTM customer, you are assured of our ongoing commitment to product quality, support and service.


The Command Auto Group offers Dealers and Professional Installers full sales and product support through our Technical Services Division.

We can assist you with:
• Information regarding recommended model fitment to most vehicles.
• Telephone support for installation issues.
• Full in-house diagnostic capability to test individual components.
• Service / Repair capability with prompt turn-around times.
• Comprehensive inventory of most replacement parts, including models which have been out of production for several years.
• Point-of-sale product brochures.
• Access to our vehicle database which contains speed-signal information for most vehicles a to include new release vehicles.


Every model Command Cruise ControlTM has been designed to be easy-to-use, and promote safety and driver comfort where the latest software design constantly monitors road speed and adjusts accordingly.

Features include (subject to system selected):

• SET (at current road speed)
• RESUME (to last set speed)
• ACC and DEC (for minor speed increase/decrease while engaged) • Coast function
• Immediate brake disengage
• Immediate clutch disengage
• Voluntary speed limiter mode
• Fixed speed limiter mode
• Speed Alert

The driver of a vehicle fitted with a Command Cruise ControlTM will appreciate several benefits including:

• Safer driving due to the driver being free to concentrate on road conditions rather than constantly monitor speed.

• Protection against a substantial speeding fine and loss of license points through unintentional speeding.

• In many cases, a more relaxed journey as the Cruise Control constantly maintains the set speed.

• Improved fuel economy as throttle adjustments are minimal. • A more comfortable trip, particularly on a long journey.

Many vehicles utilise electronic technology to promote safety and driver comfort, such as ABS braking systems, traction control, electronic transmission control and satellite navigation to name just a few. Fitting a Command Cruise ControlTM employs similar technology to provide a safer, more relaxed, and possibly less expensive journey.



Suitable for installation by a Professional Installer or Dealership Technician.

The AP500 will read the electronic speed signal from an electronic gearbox transducer, reed-switch speedometer, or ECU.

Calibration to vehicle PPM range is achieved by “on-road calibration” while driving the vehicle. Vehicle PPM rate does not need to be verified.

Cruise Control sensitivity and rate of initial engagement may be individually adjusted while driving the vehicle to suit the driver’s requirements.

Suitable for most Australian and imported vehicles including four wheel drives, light commercials with traditional throttle system.

Approved for many “Drive-by-Wire” throttle system vehicles when fitted with optional “vehicle-specific” hardware kit.

An optional clutch switch is recommended for vehicles with manual transmissions. Choice of switches available to suit your customer’s preference (available separately).


Featuring: Cruise Control Speed Limiter Speed Alert

Features include:

• SET (at current road speed)
• RESUME (to last set speed)
• ACC and DEC (for minor speed increase/decrease while engaged)
• Immediate brake disengage
• Immediate clutch disengage (on manual vehicles fitted with optional clutch switch)

Newer modern features include:

• Voluntary speed limiter mode
• Coast function (on CM30/CM35 model)
• Fixed speed limiter mode
• Speed Alert
• On road or PC calibration
• CANbus capable (selected models)
• New ‘self learning’ technology
• Multiple switches available for consumer (see switch listing)

90AP900 – Drive By Wire Cruise Control with Speed Limiter and Speed Alert

90AP900C – CANbus Cruise Control with Speed Limiter and Speed Alert

Lite-On Automotive Electronics and Command Auto Group Pty Ltd have developed an electronic interface Cruise Control for Drive by Wire vehicle applications.

After significant product testing and evaluation, the ‘900’ Series is available in Australia and offers significant advantages for electronic interface Drive by Wire installations.

The ‘900’ Series product is suitable for multiple vehicle applications and will utilise vehicle specific as well as universal harnesses for various vehicle brands hence eliminating the requirement to carry multiple cruise control models. This has the potential to reduce your inventory requirements significantly.

Calibration for your specific vehicle installation can be performed “on road” with a similar procedure as the AP500 models or via a PC. This procedure is “state of the art” and allows for precise adjustments to suit vehicle characteristics or driver requirements.

Installers will need to be qualified and approved by Command Auto prior to purchase.

Choice of switches available to suit your customer’s preference are available separately (refer to switches listing).

Pedal Harnesses
• Universal harness for multi-fit applications allow ease of fit, choice and range • Dedicated harnesses to fit modern vehicle pedal ECU.

Ask our Command team about which harness selection best suits your needs.

AP900 can be programmed to suit factory switches in many vehicles.
AP900 Series is suitable for use in vehicles with modern engine conversions.