By starting with only the best raw materials and manufacturing processes, BSI produces the highest
performing adhesives, with top-notch technical support.

BSI adhesives have earned an international reputation of being as good as, if not better than, industrial grade, at a

fraction of the cost.

Glue and accelerator undergoes changes to make it better; most important is that it’s safe to use on any surface, with cure times modified to provide the strongest bond.  The company stands behind its products, with a three­ year

guarantee on standard CA and a two-year guarantee of the foam-safe and toughened variety, as long as it is kept at room temperature or lower.

Super Glue


Net wt. 1 oz. (28.4 g)

  • Super Thin CA
  • Penetrates deep into joints
  • Bonds Metal, Plastic, Wood,
  • Ceramics, Rubber, Leather,
  • Glass, and more
  • Bonds in 1-3 seconds


Net wt. 1 oz. (28.4 g)

  • Medium thick CA
  • Bridges gaps
  • Bonds Metal, Plastic, Wood,
  • Ceramics, Rubber, Leather,
  • Glass, and more
  • Bonds in 5-10 seconds


Net wt. 1 oz. (28.4 g)

  • Extra thick CA
  • Best for most plastics
  • Bonds Metal, Plastic, Wood,
  • Ceramics, Rubber, Leather,Glass, and more
  • Bonds in 10-25 seconds


Net wt. .7 oz. (20 g)

  • Extra thick CA paste
  • Can apply to vertical surfaces
  • Can be sanded and shaped
  • Perfect for coral frags
  • Non-toxic to aquatic organisms
  • Bonds in 10-25 seconds

Black Rubber Toughened CA


Black rubber and carbon toughened Cyanoacrylate is recognized as being the strongest instant glue for non-porous surfaces. Its enhanced shock
resistance, strength, and fast bonding make it ideal for use on rubber components, such as Beechcraft’s King Air executive transports. IC-2000 has found a home in golf club and speaker repair shops, and is ideal for the carbon composites used in aerospace.

Net wt. .7 oz. (20 g)

  • Thick black CA
  • Semi-flexible bonds
  • High impact strength
  • Bonds Metal, Plastic, Wood,
  • Rubber, Leather, and more
  • Bonds in 10-25 seconds


Odorless Foam Safe Cyanoacrylate

Super Gold

Super glues can produce fumes that can be irritating to the eyes and nose. While not toxic, some people can become sensitised to these fumes. Super-Gold+ is BSI’s odourless form of Cyanoacrylate that gives the same high performance characteristics as BSI’s Insta-Cure+ without the irritating fumes. Super-Gold+ will not fog clear plastic and glass, which can occur with the use of standard Cyanoacrylates. It can also be used on all foams. The cost may be higher, but the added benefits make Super-Gold+ the best quality adhesive for the consumer

Net wt. 1 oz. (28.4 g)

  • 100% foam safe
  • Odorless gap filling
  • Bonds all Foams, Clear Plastic, Wood, Ceramics, and more
  • Bonds in 5-15 seconds



is an odorless brush-on CA that works best on plastic model assembly. It is packaged in a bottle with a brush built into its top, which in many cases is an easier way to apply the adhesive. The odorless formulation makes Plastic-Cure™ ideal for children to use in assembling their various projects. It is safe to use on all materials, including foam. Plastic-Cure™ is also superior for the application of false nails and wraps on fingernails, where its brush is the preferred method of application.

Net wt. 1/2 oz. (28.4 g)

  • Odorless brush-on
  • Gap filling, non-fogging
  • Bonds most Plastics, Wood, Fingernails, and more
  • Bonds in 5-15 seconds


Insta-Set Accelerator

Helps fulfill the promises of instant glues. After joining parts with Cyanoacrylate (CA, super glue), spray the seams with Insta-Set to cure the CA that usually oozes from joints (cures 8 seconds). To reinforce a joint’s strength, a bead of thicker CA can be applied to the outside and corners of joints before another application of Insta-Set is used to harden the CA. For materials that are difficult to bond, Insta-Set can be applied to one part (with CA on the other) before joining the components. Insta-Set has minimal impact on the cured strength of CA, and is compatible with all surfaces, including clear plastics and all foams. Used by industrial firms like Boeing, Cessna and Tesla to speed up production, Insta-Set helps give consumers the strong, instant bonds they are looking for.

Net wt. 2 Fl oz. (59 ml)

  • Cures ALL Super Glues in seconds
  • Accelerates the cure time of CA
  • Compatible with all surfaces and Super Glues



Will soften cured CA. If parts are bonded incorrectly or your fingers are stuck together, a few drops of Un-Cure will dissolve the CA in about a minute. Apply on bonded skin and roll apart fingers. Once stuck, use acetone to clean off softened CA, then wash off with soap and water. Since cured CA is essentially acrylic plastic, anything that will dissolve CA will also soften most plastics. Care must be used, therefore, when using Un-Cure on plastics. Separating plastics parts with a razor saw is usually the best option.

Net wt. 1 oz. (28.4 g)

  • Softens cured CA
  • Use to release parts incorrectly bonded, or glued fingers
  • Not recommended for use on plastics

Combo Pack

Super Glue – Net wt. 1 oz. (28.4 g)

Accelerator – Net wt. 2 Fl. oz. (59 ml)

  • Top sellers in one convenient pack
  • Extra thick adhesive
  • Bonds Metal, Plastic, Wood, Ceramics, Rubber, Leather, Glass, and more
  • Bonds in 10-25 seconds

Super Fix System

Adhesive – Net wt. 1 oz. (28.4 g)

Filler – Net wt. 1 oz. (28.4 g)

  • Fills joints and voids
  • Bonds Metal, Plastic, Wood, Ceramics, Rubber, Leather, Glass, Auto Bumpers, Fiberglass, and more
  • Can be sanded and painted
  • Cures in 1-3 seconds

Epoxy Glues


Net wt. 4.5 oz. (128 g)

  • Cures to be slightly flexible
  • Allows lasting bond during high vibration or stress
  • Will accept polyester resins Bonds Hard Wood, Glass, Metal, Balsa Wood, Soft Wood, Fiberglass, Ceramics, Hard Plastics, and White Foam
  • 5 minute working time


Mid Cure

Net wt. 4.5 oz. (128 g)

  • High strength and most flexible
  • Water resistant
  • Ideal for Fiberglass and Hardwood surfaces
  • Also works well on Balsa Wood, Soft Wood, Glass, Metal, Hard Plastics, Rubber, and White Foam
  • 15 minute working time



Net wt. 4.5 oz. (128 g)

  • Highest strength
  • Waterproof and more heat resistant
  • Excellent for Glass, Metal, and White Foam
  • Also works well on Balsa Wood, Soft Wood, Hard Wood, Hard Plastics, and Fiberglass
  • 30 minute working time


Thread Locker & Miscellaneous

IC-Loc Blue

Net wt. .34 Fl oz. (10 ml)

  • Medium strength, removable
  • Medium thickness
  • Once cured, fasteners can be disassembled with standard hand tools


IC-Loc Red

Net wt. .34 Fl oz. (10 ml)

  • High strength, permanent
  • Medium thickness
  • Once cured, fasteners are permanent and cannot be removed


IC-Loc Green

Net wt. .34 Fl oz. (10 ml)

  • Medium-high strength
  • Wicks down into threads already assembled
  • Even works on oil-coated fasteners


IC-Loc Purple

Net wt. .34 Fl oz. (10 ml)

  • Lower strength
  • Removable with hand tools
  • Medium thickness
  • Prevents loosening of small screws


Grip It – Recreation Adhesive

Has been specifically formulated for applying grips and mats for recreational vehicles. Grip-It™ works great on all makes of grips for motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles and bicycles. Grip-It™ has a 10-25 second working time and the grip is rideable within 5 minutes. Grip-It™ also works great for replacing rubber mats.

Net wt. 1 oz. (28.4 g)

  •  Formulated for mats and grips on motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, and bicycles
  • Bonds Metal, Plastic, Wood, Rubber, and Fiberglass
  • Bonds in 10-25 seconds, ridable within 5 minutes

Foam Cure

Silicone based adhesive that works very well on EPP and EPO foams. It is crystal clear and cures to a more flexible consistency than CA. It is, however, not instant bonding like CA and there is no accelerator to speed it’s curing. To obtain a faster initial bond when bonding two pieces, FOAM-CURE™ can be applied to one piece and after the two are joined, they can then be pulled apart. After letting it air dry for about ten minutes, FOAM-CURE™ will act like a contact cement when the parts are rejoined, resulting in enough tack strength to allow the next steps of assembly. Full strength is reached in 10-12 hours.

Net wt. 4 Fl. oz. (120 ml)

  • Works well on EPP and EPO foams
  • Quick tack
  • Dries crystal clear
  • Cures to a flexible surface
  • Overnight cure for full strength
  • Great for school projects and other crafts


Net wt. 2 Fl. oz. (59 ml)

  •  Works on all surfaces, including: Glass, Cardboard, Plastic, and Fiberglass
  • Removes old tape and stickers, and their residue
  • Also removes scuff marks that other household cleaners cannot