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The MLH® Brand has grown to be one of Australia’s best detailing accessory brands known for premium quality, excellent presentation and great performance. Internationally recognised and trusted by automotive enthusiasts and professionals, the brand continues to complement any premium detailing range and is a great addition to other premium brands like Mothers® Polish.


Deluxe Microfibre and sponge mitt with elastic cuff to fit hand. Super soft. Prevents scratches.  SKU 64MLH100

Supersuds Chenille Microfibre Sponge – Quality sponge and premium Microfibre on one side. Soft Microfibre “fingers” ease removal of dirt and grime.

Microfibre Chenille Wash Mitt – Quality long microfibre “fingers” ease removal of dirt and grime, offering lint free, streak and scratch free cleaning. Ideal for cleaning complex shapes.

Shaggy Sponge – Quality all purpose sponge enhanced with soft microfibre to protect paint – cutting through grime without scratching. SKU 64MLH354

MLH Platinum Microfibre Wash Pad. Super soft microfibre lifts dust, dirt and road grime. For use on vehicles, boats and around the home. Large 240mm x 120mm x 70mm size. Paint safe scratch free washing.  SKU 64MLH356

CarNut Sponge – A great all purpose polyurethane sponge, just the right size for your hand, this sponge keeps its shape and holds a great deal of water and suds. It has large pores to capture the dirt and an easy rinsing action. SKU 64MLH350

MLH Big Nut Sponge is a great all purpose polyurethane sponge, larger 240mm x 136mm size than your standard MLH Car Nut, this sponge keeps its shape  and holds a great deal of water and suds. It has large pores to capture the dirt and an easy rinsing action. SKU  64MLH358

MLH Bucket Grit Guard separates any contaminants from your wash sponge or mitt. The ingenious design ensures that it remains separate by stopping the water mixing with the clean water solution. Suitable for buckets with a diameter of 263mm and larger. SKU 64MLH300

Wash Brush – Short Handle This multi purpose wash brush is suitable for a wide range of surfaces. Gently scrub your wheels, clean off road grime and brake dust, wheel wells, grills, and many other surfaces around the car, boat, caravan and home. Featuring a non-slip comfort grip and lightweight ergonomic design, its extra-soft scratch-free bristles and its protective rubber bumper, the MLH® Wash Brush safely cleans while protecting your finish. Part Number: 64MLH640

Long Reach Chenille Wash Tool Deluxe microfibre chenille wash cover including one refill. With a 360° swivel head this useful wash tool is ideal for cars, caravans, large vehicles and use around the home. Extra soft scratch free microfibre cleans while protecting the surface. SKU 64MLH390


Professional Microfibre Super Absorber. A true Professional size for drying large areas. Fast absorption rate. Will dry car without wringing out. A real time saver. Large 460mm x 900mm size. SKU 64MLH210

Platinum Super Absorber 1100GSM of top quality absorbing power. Micro-suede edging to ensure no accidental harm from stitching. A deluxe thick microfibre drying towel so soft and absorbent. Soft and durable for superior performance. Safe for all surfaces. 700mm x 400mm.  64MLH220

Genuine English Leather Chamois Spot, lint and streak free finish. MLH® Leather Chamois are a completely natural product with unique properties. Selected sheepskins are oil tanned to create a luxurious, golden, soft finish. Able to absorb 6 times its weight in water, your MLH® Leather Chamois will wipe vehicle dry without streaks or stains, clean windows without spots and watermarks.

64MLHC125 1.25 SQ FT
64MLHC175 1.75 SQ FT
64MLHC225 2.25 SQ FT
64MLHC325 3.25 SQ FT
64MLHC375 3.75 SQ FT


4.5″ Foam Polishing Pad provides even and effective application of waxes, polishes and protectants. Twin Pack. SKU 64MLH470

Complete Application Solution – Specialist 4.5″ Applicator Pack.
Microfibre Applicator to apply wax and polish. Terry Cloth Applicator to apply interior and exterior protectants.
Foam Applicator to apply tyre dressing.
Handle keeps hands clean & hold pad for more control, completely reusable. SKU 64MLH475

Multi Purpose Microfibre Towels. Professional extra large size microfibre towels. Use wet or dry, safe for all surfaces.  Effective applicaiton and removal of waxes, polishes and protectants.  Folds into a pad with 16 polishing surfaces, perfect for wax removal.
Twin pack SKU 64MLH806
10 Pack SKU 64MLH802

Perfect Finish Microfibre Polishing Pack. Professional quality polishing towels. Purple towel removes wax and polish. Extra soft yellow finishing towel completes the job for a gleaming finish. SKU 64MLH901

Multi purpose Microfibre Towels Large Convenient size. Use wet or dry. Safe for all surfaces. Effective application and removal of waxes, polishes and protectants.  Comes in 1, 4, 6 or 12 pack.

1 pack 64MLH801s
3 pack 64MLH801
6 pack 64MLH800
12 pack 64MLH804

Platinum Polish – 6 Pack.  Ultra soft microfibre towel.  Provides the absolute finest gloss finish.  Will not scratch the surface. SKU 64MLH810

Super Clean Glass Microfibre Towel. Perfect for windows, lenses, mirrors and instrument bezels. Generates electrical charge to attract and remove dust and streaks. Size 350mm x 350mm.SKU 64MLH500


Complete Detail Kit. Scratch free Super Absorber Microfibre Chamois. Super Clean Glass Microfibre Towel. Multi-Purpose Microfibre Towel.
SKU 64MLH906

Flawless Finish Drying System – Large scratch free Super Absorber Microfibre Chamois and Microfibre Finishing Towel for a great streak free finish.
SKU 64MLH904


Deluxe Duster Safely lift light dust and dirt with this soft cotton duster. Dust and dirt is held deep within the waxed cotton fibres to ensure a scratch free finish. Perfect for the car body and even around the home. Removable and washable cover. SKU 64MLH625


MLH Precision Polishing Pads are designed for detailing enthusiasts.  Light cutting and compounding, buff out light scratches and swirl marks for when accuracy in detailing matters.  Included is the orange cutting pad, blue polishing pad, red finishing pad, microfibre finishing pad and drill backing plate.  Suitable for all drills, 75mm (3″) backing plate and pads, velcro backed.  For perfect professional results wash pads in warm soapy water.  Recommended for use with Mothers products. SKU 64MLH400.

MLH Interior Detailing Brush. A great multi-purpose brush for finer detailing.  Great for use on exterior badges, grilles and trim.  Ideal on air vents, crevices around dash, door panels, centre console and other hard to reach areas.  Extra soft scratch free bristles safely clean while protecting delicate surfaces. SKU 64MLH650

Wheel Cleaner Brush Having clean wheels can really set off a vehicle in any condition and stubborn brake dust can harm your wheel finish. This brush will help rid your vehicle of brake dust. Its non-slip comfort grip and scratch-free bristles help to gently loosen brake dust and dirt. The MLH® Wheel Brush has an ergonomic design to make light work of a tough job. Part Number: 64MLH630

Deluxe Squeegee Rust resistant metal head. Super soft rubber squeegee. Durable bug scrub sponge. Cleans glass surfaces with ease. SKU 64MLH370

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